Doudrop addresses report about her absence from WWE television

Doudrop hasn’t competed on WWE television since the September 6th 2022 edition of NXT. In regards to her absence, Dave Meltzer of explained that Doudrop along with other international stars such as Blair Davenport, Tyler Bate, and Gallus have been dealing with visa issues that need to be resolved before they can return to television.

On December 19th, Doudrop wrote “Not dead, don’t worry” on her Twitter account. When asked today about her disappearance from WWE television, Doudrop wrote the following…

“I was very sick, but I am healing. 🧠💪🏻”

Doudrop also addressed the visa report when asked if it was true. Doudrop said “no my visa was updated in April as discussed with @AlexMcCarthy88” and added that the visa issues “may be the case for others but not for me.”

During the summer of 2022, Doudrop commented on if Triple H was receptive to possible changes to her character

“Yes. He was receptive to all ideas. I’m very much aware that there is probably like lots of other people that are looking for changes and such, but I’m willing to be patient and make sure that we’re being deliberate and making sure we know the direction [of the character] and where we want to go.”