The reason why AEW has been running so many shows in the northeast United States

During a media call to promote the 2022 AEW Full Gear PPV, AEW President Tony Khan commented on why AEW has been running so many shows in the northeast United States during 2022…

“As far as running here in the New York/New Jersey area, specifically in New Jersey in Newark at the Prudential Center, there arw fans from the Tri-State area. We set up shows here and had Grand Slam, [which was] one of our biggest TV events of the year at Arthur Ashe Stadium, which has been an amazing venue for us. Then of course AEW Full Gear, this show Saturday night, which is such a stacked event. They’ve both been huge financial successes. From a live event standpoint and a commercial standpoint, I expect Full Gear will be a big success on Saturday night. We hit over a million dollars in ticket sales for [the event at] Arthur Ashe Stadium and we’re closing in on over a million dollar in sales here. Frankly, there were major cost savings that people might not think about in routing everything mostly in the Northeast and that’s why there has been so many shows in the Northeast recently because we’ve saved million of dollars between Grand Slam and Full Gear, which were both big financial successes and million dollar tent pole shows. We saved millions of dollars in between those shows by routing everything. Now moving West, I’m really excited to move the show West too.” (quote courtesy of Skylar Russell)

AEW has numerous western debuts set for early 2023 including Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Fresno, and San Francisco.