The Miz reportedly injured and could be out of action for several months

After being “devoured” by zombies at the Wrestlemania Backlash PPV, The Miz did not appear on the May 17th 2021 edition of WWE RAW. It was noted during’s Wrestling Observer Radio that The Miz was injured during his match against Damian Priest and the severity of the injury is still being determined…

Bryan Alvarez: “Damian Priest did a kick off the top and landed on Miz’s leg, and Miz was selling his leg, and today there’s no Miz on the show, John Morrison says he’s been eaten. Doesn’t sound good for The Miz.”

Dave Meltzer: “He tore his ACL but we don’t know the severity of the tear. The last I heard is they hoped it was a partial tear, so that may not be that serious. If it’s a full tear, that’s surgery and probably seven, eight, nine months. And at 40, it’s not the best thing in the world. He’ll come back from it, I’m sure he will, but that’s a lot of time off. Hopefully for the best, it’s partial and he can make a quicker recovery.” (quotes courtesy of