The latest regarding two former WWE stars possibly returning to align with Bray Wyatt

As previously noted, WWE is possibly looking to sign multiple free agents with Bo Dallas being one of those names. There has also been talk of Bray Wyatt possibly forming a “Wyatt 6” faction with Dallas being part of it.

Twitter account @WrestleVotes noted the following to Louis Dangoor of regarding former stars potentially returning to align with Wyatt…

“There’s people that Bray likes, people he wants to work with. Bo Dallas is one of them and so is Erick Rowan. If Erick wants to come back, I’m sure they’d allow that, if Bray also wanted it.”

“So are they going to make a faction of six? I don’t know. I think this whole Bray stuff is really a collaboration of what he wants to do, and they will listen. I know for a fact that they will listen to every single idea that man has, and they will try to do it to perfection. That’s the kind of respect that he has.”