The latest regarding Roman Reigns and others being pulled from WWE live events

As previously noted, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and other stars were pulled from live events leading into the Day 1 PPV event. As of Thursday morning, WWE has not made any changes to the advertised card for the PPV.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the situation and mentioned that WWE is looking to protect the main event booking plans for Wrestlemania 38…

“Basically what I was told on [Sunday night] was that there are people who are being held off this week’s touring that are the main eventers essentially on pay-per-view because they do not want Lesnar, Heyman, and Roman Reigns for example – they want them all at Day 1. It’s very important. Whatever storyline they’re doing, it’s the Mania storyline and they gotta be there if at all possible.”

“So Reigns was pulled from every house show to lessen his shot at getting sick and of course, Lesnar wasn’t going to be at the house shows and Heyman didn’t need to be on the house shows either. I don’t know if Big E tested or he was pulled… he’s also a main eventer. Rollins was tested positive. Lashley, we don’t know but he’s in the main event so it can go either way. Then Kevin Owens, I guess they just felt they needed to have one guy out there for TV and for the house shows…” (quotes courtesy of