The latest regarding Johnny Gargano possibly returning to wrestling

As previously noted, Johnny Gargano noted during Starrcast V that he was still undecided about his future in wrestling.

According to Cassidy Haynes of, Gargano has been in talks with AEW but is also open to a WWE return now that Triple H is in charge of the creative process. According to a source of Haynes, Gargano wasn’t a fan of the grind (especially with a newborn) and an “overarching factor for him walking away was dissatisfaction with his position/direction with no set plan for how he’d be used.” It was added that Gargano would be interested in talking to Triple H and “seeing how things would be changing.”

Gargano recently teased fans by saying to “keep watching” and added that “you never know what could happen.” Gargano said the following on Twitter about turning 35…

“It’s been said that 35 is when most pro wrestlers really start hitting their ‘prime’ years.. Inside the ring I can’t confirm that just yet.. but outside of it.. I know for a fact that these are definitely my ‘prime’ years! ❤️”