The latest regarding Jeff Hardy’s status heading into 2023

As previously noted, Jeff Hardy was arrested on June 13th 2022 and faces several DUI-related charges. Marc Raimondi of later reported details about Jeff’s arrest from the police report.

During his podcast, Matt Hardy commented on his brother’s status…

“He’s basically doing the same thing he’s been doing, he’s doing exactly what he needs to be doing to get where he needs to be in life. More or less, we just have to get these legal issues behind him before we can move forward. So, that’s kind of where we’re at with Jeff. We’re hoping that happens sooner rather than later.”

“He seems to be in a really good place. It’s very nice and refreshing to see. Hopefully, that continues and we get him back to where he belongs.” (quotes courtesy of

In November, Jeff’s defense filed for a continuance and the pre-trial hearing is now scheduled for December 21st.