The latest regarding Jeff Hardy’s legal situation following his DUI arrest from June of 2022

As previously noted, Jeff Hardy was arrested on June 13th 2022 and faces several DUI-related charges. Marc Raimondi of later reported details about Hardy’s arrest from the police report.

Mike Johnson of provided an update and noted that Hardy’s pre-trial hearing, which was scheduled for today in Florida, did not happen as Hardy’s lawyer filed a motion asking for the hearing to be pushed back. Prosecutors agreed to the delay and Hardy’s pre-trial hearing is now scheduled for November 17th 2022. Johnson wrote the following about the situation…

“In the motion, it was noted that Hardy’s attorneys ‘recently provided extensive mitigation materials to the counsel for the State’ and that ‘The parties require additional time to negotiate a potential pretrial resolution’, so it would appear that the two sides are working on a plea agreement that would prevent a trial.”