The latest details regarding William Regal making his return to WWE

It was recently reported that William Regal was finalizing a new deal to make his WWE return. In an update, Mike Johnson of wrote the following…

“WWE sources have confirmed William Regal has officially come to terms on his new position with the company and will start the first week of January. We are told Regal will have a Vice President position in the company when he returns, but we have not heard what his official title/role will be.”

As previously noted, AEW President Tony Khan stated the following in regards to the condition for Regal being able to leave AEW

“The way I believe it’s written, is that after this year, he would be able to go back and coach, but I believe we have it written that he would not be appearing on-screen next year. I wouldn’t expect to see him as an on-screen person next year.”