The latest details regarding CM Punk’s status with AEW and potential return to television

As previously noted, CM Punk wrote an Instagram story about his matches with Jon Moxley during the summer of 2022 but ended up deleting it right away.

According to Fightful Select, AEW and CM Punk have had “some contact” in recent months and it’s believed Punk spoke with President Tony Khan but it’s unknown if anything came out of it. There was apparently a meeting that was planned for mid-February but was supposedly delayed due to the funeral of Jerry Jarrett. Fightful noted the following regarding what sources have said about Punk and AEW…

“In an important note, at least one person claimed that Punk was willing to apologize for the scrum portion of the All Out evening. There was a lot of context absent from that claim – specifically to whom, or whether it’d be publicly or privately. Several people said that Punk has expressed some form of regret for aspect of that night in general.”

While it’s believed that Punk was open to making an AEW return, sources within the company told Fightful that they “lost confidence that Punk would be returning” following the Instagram post. At this time, Punk is still under contract to AEW and belief is that if he isn’t cleared to wrestle yet, he will be “very soon.”