The latest details regarding AEW stars being vaccinated for Covid-19

During an interview with Wade Keller of, AEW President Tony Khan talked about AEW stars being vaccinated for Covid-19…

“Most of the roster in AEW is vaccinated. For example, there have been some places we went where everybody had to be vaccinated and I think when the companies start doing international travel, we will see that for Canada and England, places like that, it will be very difficult for wrestlers to travel without it. So, it certainly will present a challenge as we tour and I know California in the future is a place that has very strict mandates. Most of the roster is vaccinated and as we continue touring it’s something that I think may come up, so I understand why for some people, especially with the return to international touring looming, why that would be an issue.”

“I have not ‘required’ it, same with the NFL and same with, I think other wrestling leagues. But it will be a big challenge if you’re not for a lot of circumstances. A great example was the Jericho Cruise where all the wrestlers on the Jericho Cruise had to be vaccinated. So it’s definitely, as touring becomes stronger and we start to get out of the US and look to international touring, it’s going to be an issue for people.” (quotes courtesy of

Khan also confirmed during the interview that he is vaccinated.

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