The Bella Twins comment on WWE announcing Royal Rumble appearances in advance

During their podcast, The Bella Twins talked about returning to the ring for the 2022 women’s WWE Royal Rumble match. Here was the exchange…

Nikki: “I was shocked they announced it because usually, these are surprises, but I understand, marketing-wise.”

Brie: “Business-wise, it makes sense because now we can have the whole Bella Army there.”

Nikki: “Selfishly, that’s why I was happy about it. No one would have ever expected you and I to be in the Rumble, so it makes me happy that the Bella Army knows and they can go.”

Brie: “It’s always fun to have surprises. My guess is, there will still be surprises, but I have no idea. Is it a comeback? The greatest thing about WWE and big pay-per-views like the Royal Rumble is you can come back for one great night and have fun. When I saw that Lita is in it, even Summer Rae. I can’t wait to see Summer. That’s what the Royal Rumble does, it brings together all these different generations of women and men to meet in the ring for one big night and that’s why it’s important to go to the Royal Rumble because you might not see a lot of our faces again for a very long time.” (quotes courtesy of