The 5th member of Team McIntyre for War Games revealed during WWE Smackdown

During the November 11th 2022 edition of WWE Smackdown, The Bloodline vs. Team McIntyre was confirmed for War Games at the 2022 Survivor Series PLE. During the show, the 5th member of Team McIntyre was teased as someone that Sami Zayn would not expect.

Butch defeated Zayn in the show’s main event match to advance in the World Cup tournament. A brawl erupted after the match and Roman Reigns arrived. The Bloodline got the upper hand until Kevin Owens made his entrance. Owens took down the Usos and then confronted Reigns in the ring as the crowd started a “holy shit” chant. Owens stomped a mudhole in Reigns and then had a staredown with Zayn. With Owens distracted, Reigns attacked Owens but Owens countered Reigns with a stunner.

Earlier this week, there was concern that Owens would be not involved in War Games because of an injury.