Sunny fires back at Bill DeMott for saying she should be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame

As previously noted, former WWE star and trainer Bill DeMott shared a press release calling for WWE to remove Tammy “Sunny” from the Hall of Fame following her arrest for DUI resulting in the death of a driver.

Sunny addressed DeMott with the following Tweet…

“I think Bill Demott should be removed from the WWE hall of fame! Ohhh that’s rite, he was never inducted. He was too busy sexually harassing female talent and degrading male talent as well. Yet he is worried about a crime that has NOT even been proven in a court of law yet??”

There will be a hearing this Friday in the Circuit Court of Volusia County, Florida regarding the state’s motion to have Sytch remanded back to jail after she posted bond and was released. DeMott responded to Sytch but writing “unlike the court of public opinion, this will be decided by a court of law” and shared the following paperwork…