Steve Austin comments on the “biggest pop” he ever received in his wrestling career

During an interview with the SI Media with Jimmy Traina podcast, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin commented on the “biggest pop” he ever received in his wrestling career…

“Coming out to help Mick Foley win that championship belt [from The Rock] where they had all DX guys sitting around, there was mayhem. They [the Corporation] were really screwing Mick over and I came out there with that chair. And you got to understand that the whole show was built to make that moment happen. I’ve got some great pops in Toronto. SkyDome – that was electric, but they built that moment. And that story was for those talents out there, it’s for them as well, but built for that pop for Stone Cold. Well, I mean I don’t think your building it for the pop, you’re building it for the timing. People are gonna pop like they do but people were so ready to pull the trigger because they knew something had to happen. I was the right thing to happen at the right time, set up by the work that those guys had put in.”

“It’s kind of a thing you think in the back of your mind because anytime, I mean, ’cause you are focused on what you gotta do. I can only tell you how I do it, but if someone else tells you they did it differently, I probably wouldn’t believe them. You live and die by the way those people respond every single time you go out there. If it don’t affect you in some way, you are disconnected, discombobulated or don’t know what you are doing. Some people go out there and might not get the reaction so you might not see ’em sweat so to speak, but you are living and dying by that. To give you an example [of] what it’s like – I don’t know what it’s like. It is the biggest thrill that you could ever experience in your life from a satisfaction standpoint of people being happy to see you, or by the same token of – if you are getting booed at a magnitude of that level. That’s the desired response that you are trying to accomplish and so you accomplish it due to the fact that people are ready, willing and able to participate. It’s like getting struck by a lightning bolt in a good way.” (quotes courtesy of