Steve Austin announces what he is doing just prior to WWE Wrestlemania 38

Steve Austin, who is rumored to be coming out of retirement at WWE Wrestlemania 38, announced the following on Instagram…

Special Announcement!!

Join me @billybobstexas on Thursday 3-31-22 for the Texas release of my brand new American Lager. @esbcbrews and I have crafted and fine tuned this beer to be the most crushable and easy drinking beer in America. I will be there to drink beer and enjoy celebrating the release of this bad ass beer in my home state of Texas. @recklesskelly96 will be there to supply some awesome live music. I look forward to seeing everyone at the one and only @billybobstexas. Whether you’re coming down for #wrestlemania weekend,or from the area, come join the Broken Skull Beer Bash. General admission and VIP tickets available. Go to @esbcbrews and @brokenskullbeer and click on the link in bio for details.


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