Speculation about John Cena returning to the ring at WWE Wrestlemania 39

As seen during the June 27th 2022 edition of WWE RAW, future matches for John Cena were teased when he was confronted backstage by Austin Theory and Seth Rollins. While Cena vs. Theory has been rumored, it’s speculated that the match could be delayed until Wrestlemania 39.

In regards to Cena possibly having another match under the Triple H regime, Twitter account @WrestleVotes noted the following to Louis Dangoor of GiveMeSport.com…

“Cena should be there and Cena should be wrestling. I know he touches base every so often, and although Vince [McMahon] is out of the picture, Cena still has a love for this place. John Cena and Triple H have a respect for each other.”

“WrestleMania is still WrestleMania and it’s in Los Angeles. If Cena is legitimately trying to be ‘the next Rock’ you should perform at WrestleMania in Hollywood, and I think he’ll be there and I think it’ll be wrestling. I’ll leave it at that.”