Solo Sikoa comments on the process of being called up to the WWE main roster

WWE star Solo Sikoa did an interview with and here are a few highlights…

His 2022: “It’s been a roller coaster. When I got hurt in August (PCL sprain) I thought things were gonna change and the next thing you know, I got the call to come up for Clash at the Castle. Everything was just happening fast. Making the transition from NXT to the main roster I think personally for me was easy because I had my brothers up there. I had Sami (Zayn) up there and Roman and Paul (Heyman) up there to help me and guide me. It’s been fun. I’m having a blast.”

Getting called up to the main roster: “It was actually from Roman and Hunter (Triple H). I just got the call saying my flight is getting booked for Clash at the Castle, but I was still hurt at the time. I got cleared just in time before flying out. I got cleared on a Monday and I flew out on a Friday. When I got there, nobody said anything to me. Everybody was just like quiet, even Roman and Paul. I knew what I was there for but I didn’t know because the mission wasn’t clear. When we were getting ready to open up doors for Clash at the Castle, Triple H walks in and this is my first time meeting him. Then he goes, ‘You know this is your call-up?’ I was like, ‘Nah I didn’t know.’ ‘Welcome to the main roster, you’ll be on SmackDown.’”

His ‘silent enforcer’ role: “I love the character. I’m starting to get more into it. It’s a big change coming from NXT. In NXT I was talking a lot. Moving up with The Bloodline, I’ve switched over to this character that’s just in the corner kind of like a security guard waiting for things to pop off. And when things pop off, I pop off. I’m that kind of guy.”