SoCal Val on Saraya’s AEW debut and if she will wrestle again

Before her shocking debut in AEW, Saraya Knight (the former Paige from WWE) was a special guest on episode 25 of the Youtube Series, GAWTV. She spoke to SoCal Val, Victoria, and Mickie James candidly about her wrestling career and if she had plans to return to the ring. In an interview with Just Alyx, SoCal Val explains why she hopes Saraya avoids wrestling for the time being:

“I hope she doesn’t [wrestle]…. unless it’s super safe and approved for doctors. And I say that because fans are just so in love with these characters like Edge for example. I just sit there thinking you can be in love with a character and in love with a wrestler, but you should want them to wrestle only if they’re physically able to do so and it’s not going to cause any problems down the line. So, for her own health’s sake, I hope she only does it if it’s definitely something that she should be doing. And she’s very smart. They would never rush her into doing it and she would never rush into doing it. But I wouldn’t want to see it unless it’s 1000% safe for her.”

You can watch the full interview with SoCal Val now on Youtube if you visit Just Alyx’s Youtube channel.