Sign for Bray Wyatt’s “Fiend” character reportedly confiscated at WWE Summerslam

During the 2021 WWE Summerslam PPV, a sign for former WWE star Bray Wyatt’s “Fiend” character could be seen in the crowd during the Kickoff show. The sign contained artwork of the Fiend’s face with the Las Vegas Raiders’ logo.

It’s believed that the sign was confiscated by security with Dave Meltzer of noting the following during Wrestling Observer Radio

“Did you hear that they confiscated the Wyatt stuff? Yeah. There was a big Wyatt sign that I saw in the Big E/Baron Corbin match; umm, you know, they panned away really quickly, and then I was told that they took it from the guy, which actually ended being, I was told, kind of heated. But the guy did give it up.” (quote courtesy of

A screenshot of the sign was re-tweeted by Wyatt…