Shotzi reportedly injured during the WWE NXT tapings on February 13th 2024

After the February 13th 2024 edition of WWE NXT, matches were taped for the February 20th edition. According to Corey Brennan of, Shotzi suffered a knee injury during her match against NXT women’s champion Lyra Valkyria. The injury was said to have occurred when Shotzi hit her knee against the side of the ring. The match was stopped and Fightful noted the following…

“After speaking to several sources in NXT, Corey Brennan was able to confirm that Shotzi was not able to place weight on her injured knee and was forced to hop to the back with assistance from WWE’s medical team. It was apparent when Shotzi arrived backstage that she was in a large amount of pain. Officials backstage were said to be very concerned for Shotzi and she was immediately taken for medical evaluation.”

The injury was reportedly not a work and considered to be “a freak accident.” Click here for full NXT spoilers.