Sherri Shepherd talks about a negative encounter she had with MJF

During the latest edition of The Wendy Williams Show, television personality Sherri Shepherd talked about an encounter she had with MJF from a few weeks ago in Los Angeles…

“When I was flying from Los Angeles to New York, I had an encounter with a former child star who appeared on The Rosie O’Donnell Show back in 2001. So at the time he was five years old, and some of you may remember him because his name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman. And Rosie had on as a guest, and he came on at the age of five and came on to sing … Now, young Max did not grow up to be a professional singer. He’s now 26 years old, and he goes by the initials MJF. And he’s a professional wrestler. He is a professional wrestler, and I guess the J in MJF stands for jerk. And I’m gonna tell y’all why – that’s what he was acting like when I met him at the airport when we were waiting in the lounge. Not nice at all. And see, my son Jeffrey, he’s a big wrestling fan and he knows all of the wrestlers. He spotted MJF while we were waiting for the plane. And you know, Jeffrey was really nervous going up to him and asking for an autograph. Because you don’t know. And so I said, ‘I’ll do it for my baby,’ because I’m mother bear. I said I would go up and ask him for an autograph. And I know how to be with celebrities, I know they don’t want you to do a bunch of talking. So I was very nice and I tapped him gently on the leg. And I said, ‘Excuse me, are you the famous wrestler MJF?’ He snapped back, he said, ‘No!’ So I said, ‘Okay, well do people tell you that you look like the famous wrestler MJF?’ Then he snapped back and went, ‘Yes!’ and he put his headphones on and turned away from me.”

“And I wanted to say to him, ‘I don’t like your tone.’ That’s what I wanted to tell him. And I was like, ‘He has one more time to snap at me before I lay the smackdown on him.’ I was not playing. You don’t — really? Jeffrey was standing right and he was smiling and everything. He goes, ‘No, mom. MJF is a bad guy. And he’s supposed to be a jerk.’ And I’m like, I told my son, ‘No, no, you don’t know what a real bad guy is, unless he pisses off a black momma trying to get a photo for her son.’ I’m trying to get a photo for my baby. Like, I wasn’t bothering him, I just wanted a little picture, I was so mad at him.” (quotes courtesy of