Shelton Benjamin comments on his WWE singles push in 2004

During an appearance on Kurt Angle’s podcast, former WWE star Shelton Benjamin commented on his singles push with the company in 2004…

“I do know the term ‘fast track’ was used when they were saying I was going to have the match with Hunter [Triple H]. I think, at the time, they wanted to create a Black star. Today, there is tons of every color of the rainbow in WWE. At the time, there was not. There was me, Mark Henry, Ron Simmons, Truth was still in TNA. There weren’t a lot, and I was the new guy, and they wanted to create a Black superstar. That much, I do know.

As far as where the program was going to go, I never knew because it went for a couple of weeks and then I got moved to (working with Ric). I thought my first pay-per-view match was going to be with Hunter, but it ended up being with Ric.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)