Sheamus feels that the 2022 WWE men’s WarGames match “could have been better”

During an appearance on Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast, Sheamus reflected on the 2022 WWE men’s WarGames match from Survivor Series…

“Yeah, yeah, it was cool, it was cool (being part of Survivor Series: WarGames). You know, I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I thought it was alright, I thought it could have been better. It’s a different type of match and I think the fact that people don’t get eliminated until everybody gets in but, it was alright. Yeah, I had fun, it was grand. It was another experience for me. I’ve done a lot in this business. It was another type of match I’ve never been in. So it was cool. In that respect, it was cool. I don’t have any criticisms about it. I just thought it was… I thought it was alright. If I go back through my career, it’s not something I go, oh! That moment there, that WarGames match. That wouldn’t be up there anywhere near my top five or ten, you know? I’ve had some great matches, Hell in a Cell, I really like the one I had against Randy (Orton). Money in the Bank matches, Cage matches, the one with John (Cena) at Money in the Bank years ago… I just felt at the time, the story was — we (Brawling Brutes) were there as the opponents. The stories hadn’t really heated up to that point so it was going a different direction which is just the way it is sometimes with storylines. But as I said, it was cool to go in there and be involved in a match like that but, it’s not something I’m gonna look back on my career and go, yeah man! That first WarGames match I was in was on the main roster, yeah! I don’t think so.

It was heading that way and then things changed (Sheamus said about a match with Roman Reigns). Things change all the time so, creative stuff happens and it was heading in that direction and you know, it just took a U-turn.” (quote courtesy of