Shayna Baszler opens up about her tag team run with Nia Jax

In an interview with The Metro, Shayna Baszler talked about her tag team run with former WWE star Nia Jax…

“As experienced as I am in one-on-one combat, she was far more experienced in being on Raw and SmackDown. So she would really help me, ‘You might wanna try this instead’. She helped me find my footing for sure. When I came up, I didn’t know anybody so for a while she was the only one I was hanging out with just ’cause we were kind of forced to have this sort of relationship together.”

“I think that’s one of the best things that my tag team did, was show a completely different side to me. I was still trying to be comfortable and find my footing and get in the groove. Getting in this tag team and showing this side of me really helped me be comfortable. Now, if you look at my singles run when I first got called up, as compared to my singles run now, I think you can see there’s definitely a difference in comfort level and just how I carry myself in the ring. Even if you [the fan] don’t like the particular story, even if you hate that I was doing this stuff in a tag team and almost a comedy sort of thing sometimes, you still see me as dangerous and it helped me to get to where I am now – which is pretty scary and dangerous. It’s all a path to something.”

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