Shawn Michaels explains origins of the D-Generation X crotch chop

In an interview with to promote the 25-year anniversary of D-Generation X, Shawn Michaels discussed the origins of the crotch chop…

“The first place I remember seeing it was Sean Waltman, who was then known as 1-2-3 Kid and later X-Pac, doing it over in the UK. Then all of a sudden, we were doing it as a group, to each other, kind of thinking it was funny. It was sort of a witty way and tell somebody where they could go or they didn’t like your answer to something — a bunch of buddies ribbing each other.”

“From a television standpoint, as we started to do DX, it just felt kind of natural. A lot of things that we did on TV as DX were things we were doing as friends behind the scenes long before we ever brought it to TV.”

“It just got to be so sophomoric and juvenile that it tapped into the inherent smart-ass in all of us that thinks a lot of stuff in their head — but never actually says it because they want to be cordial or professional or polite. We just started saying a lot of those things that went through our heads to authority figures and people started to relate to that and found it quite amusing.”