Shawn Michaels comments on a Wrestlemania match that he came up with in the middle of the night

During an interview with Sam Roberts, Shawn Michaels talked about his WWE Wrestlemania 24 match against Ric Flair in 2008…

“That particular match was something that came to me in the middle of the night. I woke up out of sleep. I think it was like two o’clock in the morning, [I] got up out of bed, and then just went to the table and started writing. Then I’m coming down to the end of it. Those thoughts that are in my head and of course, like a movie [I get] a little teardrop. I’m like ‘Oh my goodness. Is this too like namby pamby?’

I mean, wrestling audience, they can be tough. I just thought, ‘oh, I don’t know.’ But again, because it was so emotional for me because I knew where Ric was at that time, and I knew how important it was to him. It was genuinely important to me because it was important to him.” (quote quote courtesy of