Shawn Michaels addresses rumors that he had backstage heat with The Rock in WWE

During an appearance on Logan Paul’s podcast, Shawn Michaaels addressed internet rumors that he had backstage heat with The Rock and that’s why they never had a match together in WWE. Michaels said the following…

“I’ve never worked with him. I work with — you know, his daughter is here [in NXT], you know what I mean? So look, the times I’ve seen him, we’ve always gotten along okay. I’ll say this, that was never — I don’t think it was as bad as everyone made it out to be. Yeah, you know what I mean? I mean, I know again, I gave everybody a hard time back when I was younger. But when I came back, I made sure I went up to everybody and at least [said] like, ‘Sorry.’ Honestly, that’s the best that I could do though.”

“But I tried, when I came back in 2002, I knew there was going to be [a reaction] of like, ‘Yeah, we’ll see.’ It was important to me to go around and make amends, at least tell everyone, ‘Sorry about the way I was. And I got no excuse but I’m willing to earn back whatever. And look, if you never talk to me again, I’m cool with that too.’” (quotes courtesy of