Shane McMahon reportedly no longer under any kind of contract with WWE

Over the past several days, there has been internet speculation surrounding Shane McMahon potentially working with AEW. During the Grilling JR podcast, Conrad Thompson said the following to Jim Ross about the idea of Shane in AEW…

“There was a friend of ours, I shouldn’t say their name, but he went out of his way to text me and say, ‘Hey, that’s not as crazy as you think. I know for sure that Shane McMahon has reached out to wrestlers on the AEW roster to at least hypothetically discuss the idea.'”

According to Fightful Select, Shane is no longer under any kind of contract with WWE as a talent or legend. It’s believed that Shane’s appearance in the WWE 2K24 video game was part of a separate deal.

In regards to the AEW speculation, many within AEW have claimed to Fightful that Shane hasn’t been mentioned “at a high level.” When several talents asked higher-ups about the possibility of Shane working for AEW, they were directly told that it wasn’t being considered. AEW President Tony Khan was quoted last week as saying that he has never met or spoken with Shane in his life.