Shad and Tony Khan are reportedly interested in purchasing Bellator MMA

During The MMA Hour, Ariel Helwani talked about the future of Bellator MMA and the possibility of the company being sold…

“There was some talk that they would just look for an investor. My understanding is they are looking to be sold. And I have heard of multiple players that have been interested in purchasing them. And I know that PFL was one of those players that looked into them. But for various reasons, price tag, what they were, whatever, PFL backed out.

Now, I can also tell you, just to show that we know it’s up, Liberty Media was one that has looked into them. I can also tell you that the Khan family has looked into them. To what degree is unclear. And when I’m talking about the Khan family, I’m talking about Shad Khan and his son Tony Khan, who of course owned the Jacksonville Jaguars, Fulham and All Elite Wrestling. That would be a wild one, right? Imagine they own Bellator and AEW, while Endeavor owns WWE and UFC. That would be wild stuff. But I can also say that as of a couple of weeks ago, PFL got back into the mix and have great interest.”