Sgt. Slaughter’s daughter claims Lacey Evans broke two of the four wrestling “commandments”

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Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: Slaughter Daughter Kelly
Date: 07/20/2023
Your Host: James Walsh

Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter and his daughter Kelly, known online as Slaughter Daughter, made headlines as the duo disapproved of Lacey Evans’ recent persona change in WWE. Repackaged using her legitimate military past but borrowing quite a bit from the famed Sgt. Slaughter look that wrestling fans know and love, Evans also used the famed Cobra Clutch finish that the Sarge was known for. Slaughter Daughter stood up for herself in the face of rough criticism from the WWE Diva and made an impression on me, James Walsh, to where I wanted to speak with her. The result is this interview – One I’m particularly proud of.

This conversation with Kelly, the Slaughter Daughter herself, examines her live as a pro wrestler’s child as she grew up somewhat in the public eye. It also examines the true story behind WWE’s WrestleMania VII back in 1991 changing venues to a smaller one for security reasons and the multitude of critics who claim the change was for other reason. The conversation also covers the Lacey Evans situation as previously mentioned and the reasons why Slaughter Daughter has chosen now to step into the public eye.

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On what it was like to grow up with a famous wrestler as her dad:
“It is difficult for me to answer this question because he was wrestling before I was born. So, I have no idea what it is like to grow up with a father who isn’t a wrestling fixture! (laughs) It definitely had its perks. But, I don’t think I ever understood the heaviness of it. Like, my dad is a wrestler. But, he isn’t just any old wrestler! He’s a legend! But he is my dad and being a wrestler is just what he did for work. And, even now, he’s my dad!|

On if Sarge was in Charge at home:
“Sgt. Slaughter never was allowed in the home – My mom made sure of that! (laughs) Sarge was not in charge at home. He had to leave Sarge at the arena and at home, he was Bob and dad! It was really compartmentalized. Sarge stayed in the arena and at home, he was a husband and a father. It was realy when we would go out. Like, as a young girl, and I was born in 1979, so the height of his career was when I was a little girl. So, I didn’t really get it. “Wait, your dad doesn’t get asked for an autograph when we’re out at dinner? He doesn’t get bothered by all of these people?” (laughs) I just thought everybody was like that, everybody lived like that.”

On how the other kids reacted to her telling them who her dad is:
“Usually it went something like, “NO HE’S NOT!!!” (laughs) And, i’d be like, “Yeah, he is!” And, as I got older, the reaction would still be the same but how I would react to that has gotten different. But then, there are people who would almost make it an argument. “No, he’s not!” And, it is like, “Why would I like about who my dad is?” And then, my friends would pull jokes on me and they would go up to people we didn’t know and say, “You see that girl over there? Her dad is “Macho Man” Randy Savage!” Then they would come up to me and go, “SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!” (laughs) I’d be like, “What are you talking about?” (laughs)”

On how the other kids treated her when Sgt. Slaughter turned heel in 1990:
“So, I was getting made fun of at school for who my dad was even before he started the Iraqi Sympathizer thing. So, I already had a pretty good idea how to handle it. I was in 6th grade when that happened. That age is already really awkward! So, add on top of that your father has turned his back on his country, he’s probably the greatest heel in professional wrestling history – I know I’m probably a little biased on that. I don’t know of many other wrestlers who had death threats when they turned… But, that was awful for me when I was a kid. I was pretty much tortured in school. I couldn’t walk down the halls. I couldn’t sit in class without people literally talking behind me in class while I was trying to work. But, I will not say that I was bullied… I did not just sit there and take it. I definitely gave it back and probably gave it back to them better than they gave it to me. (laughs) And, I still give it back with things like social media now. It is interesting because that really shaped my life having to go through that. It gave me a thick skin. And, as I said, I carry that over to social media today. Some people say really nasty things on social media and sometimes I just ignore it. And, sometimes, if I’m in the right mood, I answer it back. I can only imagine what life would have been like for me as a kid with social media – Social media wasn’t a thing however many years ago this was. But, I don’t think anyone but other wrestlers’ kids would understand. I literally have grown up my whole life talking smack. (laughs) My dad made a lot of money talking smack! And, I definitely had times where I would talk smack even to him. Think of how you used to argue with your parents when you were a teenager… Then add that he’s like 6’6 and you’re looking up at him. (laughs) But, I am not intimidated by anyone. And, you are not bothering me. I think it is funny You can start the fight. But, I’m going to end it. And, I’m going to make you look like an idiot!”

On the real reason WrestleMania VII was moved to an arena instead of the stadium:
“It definitely was for security reasons. They could not secure the building. There were death threats made not just against my dad but against us. And, it wasn’t just people saying that they were going to kill us. They knew my name, they knew my sister’s name, they knew where we were going to school. They did research! So, 100% it was because of security reasons. it makes me laugh when people say it was because of ticket sales. I mean, you had the biggest heel turn in wrestling history and he’s in the main event of the biggest show of the year and you think they couldn’t sell out? (laughs) Lets be rational here. Lets be real. Of course it was for security, not low ticket sales.”

On if she ever wanted to wrestle:
“Yes! Of course! My dad didn’t encourage that. But, of course I always wanted to wrestle. My dad is my hero. He’s still my hero. And, of course, you always want to do what your parents do. The only thing was, I wanted to wrestle the boys. Like, i watched wrestling. And, what I saw in women’s wrestling wasn’t representing what I wanted to do. It seemed to be either eye candy or it was GLOW – I will not take anything away from the Gorgeous Ladies. But, to me, it was very campy and playful. Like, the Farmer’s Daughter and cat fighting, pulling hair, “Don’t do that!” It just wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to be beating the crap out of people! (laughs) But, my dad never wanted the wrestler’s life for me. So, when I asked about it, he would say “no.” And, I won’t do anything without his blessing. But, even recently, I asked if I can start training and he said “no” and i was like, “Damn it! Or, darn it!” (laughs)”

On if she still could train:
“I would! I have gone through a lot of changes in my life where I was not very physically fit to where I have now lost a lot of weight, I am very body conscious. I train regualrly. I’m very involved. So, even though I am our age, I also haven’t been wrestling for 20 years. You know what I mean? I haven’t taken the damage of being a wrestler for the past 20 years. I don’t know that I can say I could wrestle for the next 20 years. But, I could do it now. And, I could certainly see me doing it for at least the next 5 years if I ever got my father’s blessing.”

On adopting the Slaughter Daughter name:
“I always wanted to write a book about my experience of being a famous wrestler’s daughter. Because, it wasn’t all rainbows… Believe me. Anyway, I was on Facebook one day and I saw this page called Slaughter House. And, I was like, “What is this?” So, i joined. But, I didn’t really know what it was. I knew it was about my dad but I knew my dad wasn’t running it. Well, the guy who ran it sent me a message and asked me if I would do an interview. I had never been asked that before. No one ever wanted to talk to me about this before. So, I went and I asked my husband and my dad if they thought I should do it and they both said that I should. And, I did! And, from that, I thought, why don’t I just run my own channel? So, I did. I have always told my father he should write a book as well. I’m not being morbid, but, he is getting older. So, the Slaughter Daughter shows are a way for us to get those stories out there.”

On the recent blow up with WWE star Lacey Evans:
“Well, I don’t want to talk about her too much because I don’t want to give her too much air time. Even WWE doesn’t want to give her much air time! It bothered me. It really did. I know my dad did not invent the military – I know there are a lot of people online who think I don’t know that but I do. I also know he didn’t invent being a drill instructor. I get it! But, that is what he is known for. His finishing move was the Cobra Clutch. He wore the campaign cover. He had the swagger stick. It is his look! That is what he is known for! That is his gimmick! In wrestling circles as well as GI Joe! So, I thought it (Lacey Evans’ outfit) was really disrespectful. I know she was a marine. I think that is totally bad ass! She was military police which is not something I’ve ever seen as a wrestling gimmick before so I don’t know why the WWE isn’t pulling more from her military background if that is the avenue that they want to go. However, what people don’t realize is the WWE came to my dad and asked him to be her manager and put her over. He said no. To me, that is where it should have ended. They could have still done the military thing but maybe not done the campaign cover and maybe not use the Cobra Clutch. If you want to do that move, call it something else! When! When my dad turned heel, Million Dollar Man was already using that move and calling it the Million Dollar Dream. So, my dad went to the Iron Sheik and asked if he could use the Camel Clutch and he said “Go for it!!””

On it getting personal between herself and Lacey Evans:
“I know there were people within WWE creative who probably told her to do it. But, I still feel like she could have still reached out to my dad. I mean, it is not like there is no way she could have reached out to him! She didn’t even have to ask. She could have just told him that this is what WWE creative wants and my dad would have understood because he’s a generous person and told her, “Absolutely, Lacey! Go for it! Make it your own!” But, that is not what happened. So, I logged on to Facebook early in the morning and someone had posted a screenshot of Lacey in the campaign cover with the Cobra on it. She had already been doing the Cobra Clutch but this was the first time I had seen the campaign cover. And, I was like, “NO! This is not OK!” (laughs) So, I tweeted about it and then went back to bed. When I got up, the guy who ran Slaughter House was viting and he came down stairs and he said, “So, Kelly, I see you got a little upset earlier on.” I was like, “Oh, you saw that?” He said, “I think a lot of people saw it!” (laughs) I checked and my dad had retweted it and she had responded to it.”

On Lacey breaking the wrestler’s code:
“She was actually really nasty with how she responded to it. I really feel she immediately took some low blows. She said some stuff about my dad’s hips which are due to wrestling. So, for anyone within the industry to go after someone for injuries sustained while they were working is kind of weird to me. Especially since, well, hasn’t she been injured a lot? She also went after how I look. I had tweeted out a thing where I was benching 130 pounds. So, I video recorded myself doing that, I could have lifted more but I have never really tested myself. But, I was not maxed out at 130. And, I said “Does anybody know what Lacey Evans’ billed weight is?” And, i said some things like, “Sgt. Slaughter’s blood runs through my veins. Are you paying attention, WWE?” And, she, in response, started talking about how I look. And, I was like, “What are you doing, Lacey? Or, Macy… Or, whatever your name is.” My dad tried to tell me she was talking in character. But, I was like, no she’s not. She’s talking about me personally. I don’t even know if this is information I should put out there. But, there are commandments in wrestling. They are you don’t touch my money, you don’t touch my food, you don’t touch my family, and you are respectful to those that paved the way. She did not follow 2 of those 4 things. So, she told me something like, “Come and get it.” And, I’m like, “You better be careful what you wish for, honey, I’m like twice your size!” (laughs)”