Sgt. Slaughter speaks his mind about Lacey Evans “selling sex” on WWE television

As previously noted, Sgt. Slaughter’s daughter called out WWE star Lacey Evans over her new drill instructor ring attire. During an appearance on’s WrestleBinge podcast, Sgt. Slaughter addressed the matter…

“I kinda just dropped it. I didn’t watch it [Smackdown] any further. My daughter kinda got a little upset that now she’s coming out with the campaign cover [hat] on and she’s got a big cobra on the front of it, and she’s got her outfit on and showing a lot of cleavage.

To me, that’s selling sex. That’s not selling that you’re a tough S.O.B. from the Marine Corps. She should have a t-shirt on and have the combat boots on and have those fatigues on. If you wanna emulate Sgt. Slaughter and you’re from the Marine Corps and you’re a drill instructor, act like one. Be one.”