Several WWE corporate departures and changes confirmed

Mike Johnson of is reporting that “there has been something of a housecleaning on a corporate level within WWE” within the last several days. Here are some of the changes that have reportedly been confirmed…

* Nicole Zeoli, who was the Director of Talent Relations, is no longer working for WWE after over a decade with the company.

* Joe Villa, who was Manager Publicity and Corporate Communications, is no longer working for WWE after working with the company for over two decades.

* Mead Rust, who was Vice President of Communications, is no longer working for the company.

* Johnson initially reported that referee John Cone was no longer working for the Talent Relations department as a Senior Manager but later provided an update and stated that the termination was “rescinded.”

* Chris Legentil has been hired as Senior Vice President & Head of Global Communications.

Johnson added that “there may have been other departures as a ripple effect of [WWE President Nick] Khan putting his own people in power.”

These departures took place prior to the Mickie James trash bag story and are unrelated.