Seth Rollins talks about becoming a father and career longevity

Seth Rollins recently did an interview with FOX 5’s Good Day DC and commented on becoming a father…

“The husband part is easy. I’m married to a beautiful, extremely talented, lovely, perfect partner for me. The dad part is a learning curve for sure. That’s a whole new skill-set. I’ve never changed a diaper before having this baby. So just little things like that. I think the biggest thing is you go from living this life as a top-tier WWE Superstar where really it’s all about you to now where you are in a backseat and you are not the most important part of your life. So to change everything around is really humbling, but also a cool experience to see it from this perspective. To see what life can be when you matter so much to somebody else. It’s really an awesome experience.”

Rollins also discussed career longevity:

“I’m very good. When you’re good at your job, you get to have you job and you get to do it at a high profile level and that’s where I’ve been for the majority of my career. So that’s how I have been able to sustain. Now there is a lot of good fortune that comes with that when it comes to not being injured, being healthy and all that good stuff. But, at the same time I’ve worked day in, day out to be excellent at my job and to have a position where I can ask people to ‘Embrace the Vision’.” (quotes courtesy of