Seth Rollins says that the wrestling business is currently “the biggest it’s ever been”

While speaking to, Seth Rollins commented on the state of the wrestling business in 2023 and how the ongoing strike in Hollywood could help the industry even further…

“I mean, silver lining for us, I suppose. It’s a difficult time for the actors and the writers. I believe they’re doing the right thing, asking for what they deserve. I stand by them but it is a fortunate part of not being part of a union that we are able to still perform for our audiences. People who may not be familiar, now they get an opportunity to tune in and see what we are all about.

I mean, we’ve never been hotter. Business is the biggest it’s ever been, the talent across the board is the best it’s ever been. The business is hot right now. We’re in a boom. I think when we look back on it, it’s gonna be a special time.”