Seth Rollins explains why working with the Bray Wyatt character “was just difficult”

During an interview with Ariel Helwani of, Seth Rollins commented on working with Bray Wyatt in WWE…

“The Bray Wyatt character was just difficult. If you look at anybody that worked with the Bray Wyatt character for an extended period of time, they didn’t come out of it better than they went in. It was very difficult to have a story with him where, aside from Randy [Orton] obviously who killed him, it was difficult for anyone, maybe Daniel Bryan. Bryan may have escaped a little unscathed, but I mean everyone else pretty much met a dire end for their character. That was the end for the Seth Rollins beast-slayer character as you knew it. It was tough figuring how to tell a good wrestling story with that character, I just wasn’t good at it.”

“We played the hand we were dealt [at Hell in a Cell 2019] and that not our call. We tried and we tried but the boss at the time would not budge. We weren’t at the liberty to ad-lib. I would love to have another crack at working with Windham Rontunda. He is an incredible talent.” (quote courtesy of