Seth Rollins explains why the RAW world heavyweight title is being defended in WWE NXT

While speaking to, Seth Rollins explained why the RAW world heavyweight title is being defended in WWE NXT…

“Taking it down Florida and NXT I think makes it special. You just don’t see that very often. The last time I had a match on NXT was, God, over a decade ago (2013). Getting an opportunity to go down there to the place I really cut my teeth in WWE and bring a brand new world title there and defend it against someone like Bron Breakker, I think it’s gonna put more eyes on NXT, I hope, and bring some attention there.”

“There is nothing you can do down there that’s gonna prepare you for the experience of being on the road with WWE full-time. It’s just a different animal. From everything I’ve seen performance-wise, Bron’s as ready as he’s gonna get. And his time will come. Everybody’s time will come. I was as anxious as anybody when I was down there in NXT. I told Bron this on Tuesday, I’ve been in your shoes. You want to make noise. You want to be the guy and I like that. We need that passion and we need that hunger to continue to push the business forward. I’m excited to go and give him the test of his life and see what he throws back at me. I’m excited to see how ready he really is.”