Sean ‘X-Pac’ comments on not appearing in the men’s 2022 Royal Rumble match

During an interview with, Sean Waltman commented on making a comeback in wrestling and recently being cleared…

“I did pretty well in this industry when I wasn’t clear-headed, so think of what I can do with a healthy mind and healthy body. I don’t know how many matches I have left in me, so I’m going to go out there and have some great f—ing matches.”

“I want to go out on my terms. My last matches, I was going through the greatest hits. It was all nostalgia. This is going to be different.”

Waltman also commented on not being part of the men’s 2022 WWE Royal Rumble match…

“As far as the Royal Rumble, I gave them a heads up I’d be ready if they wanted me. I wasn’t actively campaigning for it. I wasn’t going to do that. But I let them know, and I guess they weren’t interested.”

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