Sean Waltman comments on the term “X-Pac Heat”

During an appearance on Chris Van Vliet’s podcast, Sean Waltman commented on people using the term “X-Pac Heat” during his time as a wrestler…

“It was just an internet thing. They were just sick of me, a certain segment of the wrestling fan community had enough…I get it…well I don’t know if I get it actually. It’s not the same as the boos that I’m getting in the arena, the chatter on the internet and on the sites, with ‘X-Pac heat’ and all that, the reactions I’m getting in my matches on TV and everything weren’t indicative of the ‘X-Pac heat’ that I was getting on the internet.”

“The go away heat, Chris, is when you go out there and you’re busting your ass, and they just don’t make any noise. There was just two different things going on at the same time. I’m almost 50 years old, man, I can’t let s**t like that from 25 years ago get to me.” (quotes courtesy of