Scott Steiner addresses Ric Flair’s return to the ring and Rick Steiner discusses the Hall of Fame

Earlier this week, WWE Hall of Famers The Steiner Brothers participated in the Highspots Wrestling Network’s Sign-It-Live stream. Scott Steiner said the following in regards to the news that Ric Flair will be coming out of retirement

“He [Ric Flair] ain’t no old friend of mine. I would kill him [in the ring]. I’d destroy him. Yeah, everybody wants to see him get beat up.”

Rick Steiner talked about going into the Hall of Fame…

“For me, being there [Wrestlemania 38 week], it was a red carpet. It was a pretty great time and to experience it all with my family and then have my son [Bron Breakker] introduce both of us, I mean, you know, not many parents or fathers get to — it was just an awesome moment for me and to do it with my brother and finally get recognized for all those years of banging and bouncing, hitting and kicking and all that, wear and tear on the bodies and now to actually be recognized and be in that elite group of guys and walk down there and just be a part of that whole WrestleMania thing, it was awesome… For me, it was unbelievable, you know?” (quotes courtesy of