Sasha Banks was reportedly “mad” about losing Wrestlemania 38 spot to Ronda Rousey

As previously noted, Sasha Banks and Naomi were indefinitely suspended by WWE after walking out of this past Monday’s edition of RAW.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of talked about what possibly led to Sasha walking out…

“Sasha has always had issues, she was mad that Ronda got the WrestleMania spot…it was planned for Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair which was planned for months, I wrote about it. She got moved down and they gave her the tag belts as kinda like a concession because she got moved down. Okay, if you’re looking at it from only Sasha’s [side], they lied to me, right?

They didn’t know Ronda was going to agree to come back so soon after her pregnancy, but Ronda wanted to prove it because her mom did it and they also really wanted Ronda at WrestleMania because Ronda is the bigger star. But to not understand that they picked Ronda ahead of you for WrestleMania and get mad about it…yes did they tell you, yes. Does that make you a good team player no? If you don’t understand that Ronda is a much bigger star than you…. for that show [WrestleMania] there’s not a doubt Ronda is a much bigger star than Sasha Banks in that spot.” (quote courtesy of