Sasha Banks comments on her future in the entertainment industry

During an appearance on the Ahch-To Radio podcast, Sasha Banks (Mercedes Varnado) discussed her future in the entertainment industry and potential opportunities…

“There is so much that I’m creating right now. It’s all under an umbrella. I’m an actor, writer, producer, and extraordinaire entertainer. All within those realms, I’m doing something. You just have to stay tuned. You have a microphone, that’s something big I want to do. Not podcasting, but music. I don’t know if that’s the number one next thing because acting…there are a lot of things coming up acting right now. I’m really starting to focus my mind around music and the music realm and being kind of a director in that space of creating a musical video piece.” (quote courtesy of

Triple H recently commented on Sasha’s WWE status and said “it comes down to what she wants to do with her life and her career.”