Saraya wants the band Falling in Reverse to perform live at Wembley Stadium for AEW All In 2023

While speaking to Adrian Hernandez of The BET Las Vegas & Sporting Tribune, Saraya commented on her boyfriend Ronnie Radke’s band Falling In Reverse potentially performing live at Wembley Stadium for AEW All In 2023…

“I’m actually getting — trying to get — my song that I use, not the Outcasts one but ‘Zombified’, that’s my boyfriend’s band. I walk out to that song and I love it. But since it’s like such a big event, it’s like our Wrestlemania, I’m like [thinking] Falling In Reverse, Ronnie, should come over and perform in Wembley Stadium, the entrance, kind of like how they did perform at Wrestlemania with the entrances. There’s room, so I really want to incorporate Falling In Reverse into that so that when I walk down the ramp they can play the whole song. Again, 90,000 people, you have to make it special and people should get special entrances and stuff like that, so I want to do that.”

“But it’s frickin’ bananas because I’ve never wrestled in Wembley Stadium before and that’s our — like Tokyo Dome and [Madison Square Garden] and Yankee Stadium, you guys have all of these massive stadiums but [England] only [has] this one giant stadium in London and it’s Wembley Stadium. So yeah, to go there and be in my home country with all of my friends and family, hopefully, my boyfriend and his whole band comes over as well.” (quotes courtesy of