Saraya (Paige) calls out fans that think she “hates” WWE because of what she said on AEW Dynamite

As seen during the September 28th 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite, Saraya (formerly Paige) cut her first AEW in-ring promo and said “it’s so good to have a boss to actually finally listen to me.” On Friday, Saraya sent out the following tweets in response to the people that criticized her for “taking a shot” at WWE…

“I say how my current boss listens to me and all of sudden it’s ‘So hAtE yOu WwE’. No I don’t. I loved my time there. I appreciate the time and the opportunities I was given. Especially in my NXT days with Triple H. I’m happy now in AEW though. Tribalism in IWC is so bizarre to me.”

“Touch grass and get off the internet. Then you won’t have to stalk my account for whenever I post so you can further be miserable.”

Saraya ended up deleting her WWE/AEW tweet.