Santos Escobar comments on possibly be called up to the WWE main roster

During an appearance on Sean Waltman’s Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast, Santos Escobar talked about possibly moving from WWE NXT to RAW or Smackdown…

“I feel ready. If you had asked me this a year ago, I would have said I want to stay longer because remember, I will never get rid of the tradition, legacy, and culture of this that’s in my blood and in my veins, but the business side of me, I needed to learn more. Learn more so I can perform more to the best of my ability on any given day, night, or place. Now I feel ready. Do I still need to do more on NXT? While they keep me there, I’ll take everything. I’ll take everything they put in front of me. Should they bring all of us to SmackDown, we’ll be ready. We’re not only ready, we’re hungry. We have a mentality of business. We want to create a sensation and we want to work not just for our personal target, which is the Latino community, but since we can work the stick, and we can perform 100%, we can perform to any given target on any given show on any given day. I feel ready. If they want to keep me around, I’m going to destroy the place. If they want to put me on SmackDown or RAW, I’ll do the same because I’m ready for that.”

“Right now, we have a lot going on in NXT, but should that happen, there’s something I want to do and that’s work with Rey [Mysterio]. I know, now it’s probably a cliche to work with Rey, but it’s important to me. I call myself the Emperor of Lucha Libre. He would love to work with me as well. I know it. We’ve worked before in Mexico and in Lucha Underground. It would be magical. It would be good for business. It would be good for Dominik as well. Why not? I’m a second generation Luchadore myself. The story is right there. That’s something I would love to do. Of course, I like The Bloodline. It’s something that resonates with me and my boys and Elektra. It resonates with us, the tradition, the family, the roots, the sacred part of what we do and the leadership that comes with it.” (quotes courtesy of