Santos Escobar claims that WWE has been giving him “a lot of freedom” with his character

During an interview with Freddie Prinze Jr., WWE star Santos Escobar talked about the direction of his character heading into 2024…

“I think it’s important to master your instrument in what we do; specifically, you have to be good at cutting promos. Why? It’s important to share, whatever the storyline and whatever you’re feeling, with the audience so they can relate or not, but more importantly understand, which is why I did what I did in LA. (Go to) Hollywood, train my acting, become better at it. Of course, I do not have the pen and I do not write the storyline, but what I can do, and what I’ve been trying to do and what I will keep on doing, is get myself better. Keep learning, keep growing, keep becoming a better instrument so that when they write these things, I’m there. I haven’t missed one important show in the year, and this is my first year on the main roster. I’m thankful. I hope that I get more, but I’m already doing a lot of stuff that I wasn’t doing six months ago.

They’re giving me a lot of freedom, and all this effort that I’m putting into it, it’s paying off, and I’m just glad it’s happening. Right now, the storyline is what it is, and I love it, and I have the opportunity to show more of what I got and hopefully we’ll get to WrestleMania.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)