Samoa Joe’s response to WWE and AEW fans arguing with each other

During an appearance on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Samoa Joe talked about the arguing online between WWE and AEW fans…

“I’m not on the internet every day catching on all the buzzwords and getting with the revolution and stuff. I think the arguing between the AEW and the WWE fans is ridiculous. Watch pro wrestling. You don’t need to dunk on this. It’s you taking your ego, and taking something you have nothing involved with, and trying to start a conflict. I mean, watch what you watch, enjoy what you want to enjoy, but hey, I’m always going to be pro value for wrestlers, no matter what.”

“Wrestlers should be getting the top dollar and getting paid the most you should possibly be paid, and be valued at the highest level. I will never apologize for that opinion, and I will never go back on that opinion. If guys take that as some shot like, ‘Oh, well now you’re here and now you sold out’, no, my opinion is still the same.” (quotes courtesy of