Sammy Guevara says he wants to be in AEW and is not asking for his release

In a video blog published to his YouTube channel, Sammy Guevara plugged the tournament to crown a new AEW world champion. Guevara said the following in a promo about wanting to become the next champion…

“Who’s the real pillar? Everybody talks about Max [MJF]. Everybody talks about Jungle Boy, Darby. Who’s the real f-cking pillar of this place? I’ve been here since day one and I’ve seen so many guys come and go. So many guys come and go in this company, right? Guys on the trucks. I’m not on the truck. How many figures I got? I got one with Moxley. I’ve been here since day 1 and I don’t get the respect I deserve. Not from anybody back there in the back. Not anyone in the locker room, nowhere. Not from these fans, these ungrateful fans. So let’s screw it. I don’t need anyone. I only need myself. This Wednesday, Tournament of Champions. When I beat Moxley and I win this whole tournament of Champions, everything is going to change for me.

I’m gonna get what I always should have got. The recognition. I should have got everything I deserve. I’m not here because I got fired from somewhere else. I am here because I wanna be. I’m not asking for my release. I wanna be here.” (quote courtesy of