Sami Zayn says he took a pay cut when he signed a contract with WWE

During an appearance on the Whiskey Ginger podcast, Sami Zayn commented on how he was making around $100,000 a year on the independent wrestling scene prior to signing with WWE. Zayn noted that he took a pay cut when he joined the company…

“I signed my first WWE contract for $39,000. Because it was developmental, but you obviously get to make money later, which is what happened. So, I wasn’t too nearsighted about it, thinking that I was worth so much more. You kinda understand when to take it on the chin, and when you’ll make it up.”

“Within eight months, they started sending me on the road to do road loops. At that point, I was making only $50,000, but when the first check came in for the road loop, there was 6 or 7 grand in there. At that point, I had like a light bulb moment where I realized, ‘Oh my god, I’m here to make money.’ Money is so not why I do this. Don’t get me wrong — I enjoy having it versus not having it.” (quotes courtesy of