Sami Zayn comments on his Bloodline storyline changing when Triple H took over WWE creative

During an interview with Ariel Helwani of, Sami Zayn commented on if his storyline with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline would’ve turned out the same way if Triple H wasn’t in charge of creative…

“I can’t say because I genuinely do not know, but I know before Triple H was on creative, I never got on screen with Roman. Then when Triple H did get [on creative] I finally did get on screen with Roman. Whether that’s a coincidence, because like I said, the first time I finally did get on screen with Roman, [which] took the story to the next level, happened to be a lot of stars lining up. The Usos weren’t there, Heyman wasn’t there, it was in Montreal, all these things.”

“Would that have happened if Hunter wasn’t in charge? I don’t know. All I know is I can definitely point to the time he wasn’t in charge and say I was kept away from being on screen with Roman. Then once he was in charge, all of a sudden, I’m on screen and it’s allowed to breathe and see where it goes. Because if I do get on screen with Roman and we start doing stuff with The Usos, and all that, and it’s not really working, then okay, you go somewhere else, but because it got it started to work, it got room to breathe. As it breathed it grew. Whether that would have happened without him? I don’t know, but probably not.” (quotes courtesy of Robert DeFelice)